New craze among Ghanaian artistes for fanny packs

Kwesi Arthur is among artistes who fancy the fanny packs

Fashion many a times needs some accessories to be complete. A fashion accessory, however, is an item used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer’s outfit, often used to complete the outfit.

One of these accessories is a fanny pack which is worn recently by artistes during performances on stage and in music videos.

However, it’s obvious that the fanny pack, the most scorned member of the handbag family, has been experiencing massive resurgence in recent time.

The pack was used by many people to carry food, tools and supplies from place to place as well as money bag for tourists. By the ‘90s, the fanny pack had died out.

Yet, somehow these small sensible waist pouches are back into the fashion world with a full embrace from celebrities and the youth.

With the likes of Kwesi Arthur, Medikal, King Promise, just to mention a few, all use these fanny packs to complete their outfits.

Many fashion enthusiasts have several ways of wearing these fanny packs which includes tight as a belt, and loose as decoration. Others wear it like a gun holster, as a bridge and as a bum bag.

For every style of dressing there is a fanny back to rock with.

By Derrick Selikem||Ghana

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