Most Ghanaian gospel musicians sing foolish songs – Ofori Amponsah

Most Ghanaian gospel musicians sing foolish songs - Ofori Amponsah
Ofori Amponsah

Legendary highlife musician Ofori Amponsah has fired shots at some Ghanaian gospel artiste for making, in his opinion, foolish songs.

Ofori Amponsah said these in an exclusive interview with Kwaku Manu on the Aggressive show on Onua TV. The former clergyman believes that his secular songs inspire more than some supposed gospel music in Ghana.

“The first thing God created was love, so if I am not able to satisfy my lover musically, how can I satisfy God, who I’ve never seen. If I sing sorrowful songs, what does the listener gain from them. Yesterday I was saying most of the gospel songs they do are stupid.”

He further stated that “a lot of the acclaimed gospel musicians lack the content when it comes to the word of God. Most of their songs are not gospel. They’re doing foolish songs. I can confidently tell you I even preach better than a lot of the pastors in Ghana.

Ofori Amponsah started working with Daddy Lumba in 1999. He gained entry into the music industry with Charles Kwadwo Fosu on the ‘Wo Ho Kyere’ album. Although he earned a spot in the limelight for this collaboration, his career did not launch fully until 2000. He released his first album with Owusek Productions in 2001, titled ‘Asew’, which had eight tracks, plus a bonus instrumental of the song ‘Asew’. He later released the albums Meprawo and Rakia in 2002 and 2004.

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