It would be cool to stay in Ghana for a year and get married to a Ghanaian woman- Basketmouth

Comedian Basketmouth has expressed interest in settling down one more time after his recent divorce but this time with a Ghanaian woman.

Born Bright Okpocha, Basketmouth, 44, announced his separation from his wife of twelve years, Elsie Okpocha in December 2022 calling it an “unavoidable situation” in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz Fm, the Standup comedian who is in Ghana ahead of his “Basketmouth Unprovoked”  show in April revealed that marriage to a Ghanaian woman could be a possibility for him.

“Twi is an amazing language, I am going to learn more. On my way here, I said to myself, wouldn’t it be cool to learn the language and come stay here for like a year? You know, just chill, get married to a Ghana woman and stuff,” he jokingly admitted

Basketmouth who is currently single and co-parents his three children Janelle, Jason, and Maya Okpocha with his ex-wife was quick to issue a disclaimer, adding that it was too early to jump into a new ‘ship’.

“I am single but you know I am just kidding. I am not ready to jump into anything just yet…maybe am not kidding, who knows,” Basketmouth added.

I used to be a rapper before switching to comedy- Basketmouth


As part of promos for his Ghana event, the StandUp comedian caught the hearts of many with a video of him speaking Twi as he invites the public to his show. He has expressed his desire to learn the language and speak it fluently to connect with his Ghanaian fans.


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