I entered music because I genuinely liked it but I was bullied by Ghanaians into finally proving a point – Fantana

'Enhancing my body made me confident and attractive'; Fantana regrets nothing!

Ghanaian singer, Francine Koffie popularly known as Fantana has disclosed the reason why she embarked on her musical journey and the pressures she faced to prove herself in the industry.

Fantana who was a guest on the #3FMDrive revealed that she initially entered the scene out of genuine for the craft but felt compelled to prove a point due to the pressures and criticism she encountered.

The ‘Rich Gyal Anthem' singer was signed to Rufftown Records before she exited the label after her feud with label mate, and boss, Bullet in May 2020.

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“I didn't enter music to prove a point, I did because I genuinely like music but then y'all bullied me into proving a point,” she said.

During the interview, Fantana also detailed how her mother invested in her brand and her decision to forgo the funds she made from the stream.

“Yeah, because since my mum was funding everything when I was that record label everything is my name. All the videos and the songs belong to me but I don't really look at that”.

As a rising star in the Ghanaian music industry, Fantana has faced both praise and criticism throughout her career, especially with non-fans describing her as a terrible singer.

She has also been in the news for body enhancement and her issues with her colleague singer, Wendy Shay.

However, she remains committed to her love for music and the release of her new single ‘Your Man' on May 5 forms plans ahead of her very first EP dubbed ‘Pills and Concoctions'  which is scheduled for Thursday, July 13.



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