Facts about TV3’s new local telenovela, Sadia!

A wealthy family has been living a lie for many years. Now with the passing away of the head of the home, the chickens are coming home to roost. All the secrets are about to be uncovered, yet the lies are far from over especially the VERY BIG LIE waiting to explode. Things are not going to be the same anymore with the Gibsons.

Sadia is coming home to a family she never knew — The odds are not in her favour.

Sadia chronicles the life of the protagonist, highlighting some of the challenges with migration of young people and human trafficking on the continent. This gripping drama series provides Ghanaians with an authentic local alternative to foreign telenovelas in line with Media General’s commitment to predominantly promote local content across channels.

Questions & Answers

  1. Last Friday, Media General Premiered Sadia — what many are touting to be Ghana’s first Soap Opera. Since then there has been a lot of buzz especially on Social Media about this latest introduction. What is Sadia all about?
  • Sadia is a super exciting and groundbreaking Ghanaian drama series Media General is introducing on TV3 every Monday and Tuesday effective today.
  • Sadia is a refined and authentic Ghanaian alternative to the numerous foreign telenovelas that have taken over television channels in Ghana.
  • It chronicles the life of the protagonist — telling a compelling Ghanaian story that will certainly touch the heartstrings of viewers.
  • It is a suspense filled drama series that travels from the North through to the South with lots of life lessons for every viewer.
  • Sadia is unique in the sense that it has never been done before. It is a 100 episode drama series produced by Ghanaians for Ghanaians.
  1. That sounds truly exciting but there are a lot of telenovelas on TV why Sadia? Why is Media General investing in a local drama series of this magnitude?
  • You are absolutely right about the plethora of telenovelas in Ghana. If you take a dipstick survey of the industry today, typically 4 in every 5 drama series you see on TV is foreign. From South American, Italian to Indian and that is a big problem because as we promote more foreign content, the local creative arts industry suffers.
  • Media General has always led the way in promoting local content through our channels — primarily TV3. Over the years, Ghanaians have enjoyed exciting local productions such as Efie Wura, James Town Fisherman etc.
  • With the introduction of Sadia, we are taking the promotion of local content a notch higher.
  • We are doing this because we believe in the Ghanaian creative arts industry. We are doing this because we are predominantly committed to promoting local content through our channels.
  • We are doing this because we are committed to our viewers, they told us they want a compelling and authentic Ghanaian alternative to foreign telenovelas and that is exactly what we are giving to them.
  1. Sadia is premiering today, after the news? What should viewers expect?
  • An exciting, suspense filled, authentic Ghanaian story that touches the heartstrings of viewers.
  • Sadia will tell your story and have you at the edge of your seats throughout the 100 episodes.
  1. Is there anything else viewers should expect from TV3 and Media General over the Christmas period
  • Starting this week, our 8-9PM prime time programming is being transformed with Ghanaian and African themed content. From Monday to Friday, they can enjoy the choicest African programming in Ghana.
  • In addition to that, over the Christmas holiday period, we will be delighting our viewers with delightful programming across our TV, Radio and Digital channels through our 12 Days of Giving initiative.
  • Stay tuned to TV3 for the best programming, and to our radio channels — 3FM, Onua FM, Connect FM and Akoma FM and to our digital channel


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