Stonebwoy confidently embraces title of Ghana’s richest music artist

Be consistent - Stonebwoy shares 'secret' to scoring international interviews

Ghanaian sensation Stonebwoy has confidently agreed with the sentiments of , Evans Mensah that he is currently the Richest Music Artiste in .

The Reggae/Dancehall Artist appeared as a guest on Joy News' PM Express talk show where he acknowledged the possibility of holding the coveted title among musicians in the country.

Responding to reasons why he had enrolled in the Public Administration program at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), explained that he did it to gain knowledge and not to make .

and I didn't plan to enrol in the same course, I think great minds think alike. I'm in the public already but I just wanted to equip myself even though I went to UPSA for Marketing.

In the interview, Stonebwoy elaborated on his financial , emphasizing that he has more than enough resources to support himself and his .

Through his diverse ventures in music, endorsements, and , he has accumulated a substantial fortune, enabling him to provide for his loved ones without any concerns.

“I am not the richest in Ghana but I'm not the poorest person too,” he quipped “I could claim to be the richest music artist in Ghana just because God is blessing me in the sense that he who finds something to do and does it diligently he is going to bless it and that is a confident talk”

During the discussion, the BHIM Nation president also reflected on his remarkable journey to stardom and the significant impact he has made in Ghana's music scene.

“Realistically I am not poor, I have clothes, food and shelter and I have two beautiful babies plus a wife that I am capable of taking care of,” he added

His unwavering dedication and exceptional talent have propelled him to become a household name, earning him numerous international and local .

With his magnetic stage presence and remarkable lyrical prowess, Stonebwoy has undeniably solidified his position as an icon within Ghana's vibrant entertainment industry.

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