Fans divided over Inaki Williams performance disparity for club and country


Inaki Williams’ pivotal goal for Athletic Bilbao against Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday night has ignited a heated online debate, with fans expressing concerns over the striker’s contrasting performances for his club and the Ghana national team.

Williams, who swiftly returned to Spain after Ghana’s early exit from AFCON, made an impactful return for Athletic Bilbao, scoring a crucial goal that propelled his team to the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey. The 28-year-old received praise for his contributions at the club level, contrasting with the criticisms he faced during Ghana’s recent AFCON campaign.

Having played in all three games for the Black Stars, fans are bemused at Williams’ apparent struggles for the national team compared to his standout performances with Athletic Bilbao. Some attribute this disparity to the perceived poor structure of the national team, while others point to Williams’ potential unfamiliarity with African football.


Critics have also raised concerns about the telepathy within the Black Stars, highlighting the difficulty in finding Williams in spaces similar to those he enjoys in La Liga.
Fans are engaging in discussions on social media platforms, sharing diverse perspectives on the factors contributing to Williams’ contrasting performances for club and country.

As the online debate continues, fans are divided on whether the issue lies with the national team’s structure, Williams’ adaptation to African football, or other factors affecting the Black Stars’ cohesion.