Sorry you feel that way – Sarkodie replies to Samini’s allegations

Sorry you feel that way - Sarkodie replies to Samini's allegations
Sarkodie and Samini

Sarkodie has acknowledged Samini’s concerns with a caveat that he has not agreed nor confirmed that everything said about him in this issue is true. 

Samini alleged that Sarkodie refused to return a musical favour after he gifted him free verses in the pastime. 

Responding to Samini’s accusations, Sarkodie apologised for insinuating feelings of neglect in his colleague and asked him to come for a resolution. 

Also, he pointed out that Twitter was not the best place t seek redress in personal matters such as the one that Samini raised. He proposed a direct approach for a more speedy reconciliation with the interference of third parties. 

“And I doubt that personally having issues with people i will let the public know because Twitter is not going to solve. I don’t think you can even actually make your point on Twitter. They will dissect it and make it look a certain type of way.”

Sarkodie’s feature on the remake of reggae legends Bob Marley and the Wailers Stir It Up

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