Lyrical Joe is entitled to his opinion, but Amerado won fairly – Sadiq on Best Rapper controversy

Lyrical Joe is entitled to his opinion, but Amerado won fairly – Sadiq on Best Rapper controversy
Lyrical Joe; Sadiq Abu; Amerado

Amerado’s win as the Best Rapper at the 3Music Awards 2022 has been challenged by Lyrical Joe as he believes himself to be the right king of rap. But according to Sadiq, CEO of 3Music Awards, every nominee deserves a win, but all the winners won fair and square.

After Amerado was crowned as the King of Ghana rap at the just ended 3Music awards, tweeps took to Twitter to contest his victory. Conferring to the narrative on the streets, Lyrical Joe is alleged to be a better rapper than Amerado.

Sadiq Abu, as head of the award scheme, shared his thoughts on the contestation with Berla Mundi on TV3’s New Day. He said, “It’s usual with awards. That’s his opinion. He’s entitled to it. Regardless, Lyrical Joe is a fantastic rapper. Pound for pound, that’s one of the best rappers we have in this space. So it’s understandable. And the category this year was very tight Everybody deserved to win. Sarkodie was in there. Amerado was in there. Lyrical Joe himself was in there.”

And in a few words, Sadiq acknowledged Amerado as the rightful winner of the coveted prize. He said, “It was very tight in terms of merit, but Amerado also had a very good year as a rapper last year. So, I’m not surprised. I think that all of them deserved to win. And anybody that won, I think won it fairly.”

He also encouraged patrons, viewers and stakeholders to open up to look up other nominees in the various categories. He pointed out the new sensation, whose nomination also caused a stir because he was very popular with the people.

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“Look there’s this new guy that we found. I know somebody tweeted, who’s this Joe Kay guy? Who’s he? Is he a better rapper than this person? If you guys will take your time and go and listen to the song that got him nominated. And you really understand rap, you would probably be restrained in the conversation you are having,” Sadiq concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana