Footballers are great people but I can’t marry one – GMB’s Badu

As bubbly and determined as she is, Dora Badu Acheampong is almost always all smiles and that has gained her the admiration of many, hence the name Badu Smiley she uses on Instagram. A finalist of the TV3’s 2016 Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Badu, as she is popularly called, has been involved in lots of creative endeavours such as poetry, acting and dancing. She kicked off her career as a broadcast journalist with Peace FM, Adom FM (host of ‘Peteemu’), Thunder TV (host of TV Clinic/Apomuden mr3) and with Business and Labour Guide newspaper. Badu is currently with TV3 as sports journalist and also an ambassador for GTP and Diamond Baby Diapers. She (DBA) got up close with‘s Nana Afrane Asante (NA) and below is what ensued between them: NA: What is your beauty secret? DBA: There’s nothing that makes a woman beautiful than wearing a SMILE. NA: What are you currently following in the fashion industry? DBA: Brands and news NA: Who are some of your favourite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers? DBA: Nana Kwame, Photography, Shidee Originals, Lyran collections. [caption id="attachment_55249" align="aligncenter" width="564"] Badu interviews former Black Stars and Bayern Munich defender Sammy Osei Kuffuor[/caption] NA: What’s exciting to you about media? DBA: Bringing news to you at your doorstep. NA: How do you think sports can improve in Ghana? DBA: Developing the lesser known sports. NA: What should every woman try at least once in her life? DBA: Seeing yourself as your own competition not any other person’s. [caption id="attachment_55248" align="aligncenter" width="564"] She interviews some Italy-based Ghanaian players[/caption]

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NA:  What brings you the greatest joy? DBA: The thought that everything will work perfectly fine at the appointed time. NA: Will you marry a footballer? DBA: Footballers and sports men are great people with beautiful hearts given the support they give to the poor and needy which affect the society positively in a whole, but I cannot marry a player just by virtue of the work they do. I really would want my husband to be the private type and with that I mean someone who is not in the public eye. I’m in the media and as such can’t afford to have my husband in it…that simple! But they really are great people. [caption id="attachment_55253" align="aligncenter" width="268"] A pose with Udinese midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang Badu[/caption] NA: What item in your closet do you wear the most? DBA: Hahaha….my black jacket! My bestie calls it Ampan (bat ). NA: What quote do you live by? DBA: It always seems impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela. NA: What do you do at your leisure hours? DBA: Watch movies, read a book, or sleep. [caption id="attachment_55252" align="aligncenter" width="564"] The beauty queen is spotted with former Black Stars player Abu Imoro[/caption] NA: What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger? DBA: I wish I knew life is not as easy as we were made to believe as children. NA: What do you believe in? DBA: God! NA: Why sports? DBA: I love everything about it. I was an athlete from junior high school through to senior high school [and my] favourite events [are] triple jump, long jump, 4×400 metres race, 1500m and 800m [caption id="attachment_55254" align="aligncenter" width="267"] Ayorkor Chavez isn’t left out[/caption]
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NA: Do you play soccer? DBA:  Hahaha…it’s been a while but yes! NA: What else do you do? DBA: (giggles) I’m a poet and an event planner. NA: Any project? DBA: Yeah, I’m currently working on my HAG Project under the Help A Girl Foundation. Source:|Ghana  ]]>