Armwrestling, Cricket benefit from BetwayUp seminar

Betway Ghana organized a training seminar for athletes and managers of the Ghana Cricket Association and Ghana Armwrestling Association in Accra on Wednesday.

Sport and Exercise Physician-Scientist, Dr Aniemena-George Chidi, former national volleyball team captain Eric Antwi Ofori and sports business expert Neil Armstrong Mortagbe delivered speeches at the seminar.

In his speech, Dr Chidi urged African sports teams to take rehydration seriously if they want their athletes to perform at their best.

According to Dr Chidi, research has shown that adequate rehydration is a key component, especially for athletes in the tropical subregion to provide electrolytes for overall performance.

When talking about the topic of “sports medicine and fitness”, Dr Chidi said that there are many local foods from Ghana that can be used to improve the nutrition of athletes and female athletes.

He mentioned that another alternative to sports drinks is tomato juice, which he describes as a “nutrition powerhouse” that provides vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including lycopene.

Mr. Antwi introduced the participants to the basic aspects of achieving optimal physical fitness, while Mr Mortagbe talked about how to build a personal brand as an athlete and how to use social media as a lever to obtain sponsorship.

In the past year, similar seminars have been organized with the aim of promoting various sports federations in the country through capacity building, training, promotion and provision of equipment.

The beneficiaries of the Betway Up seminar include Ghana Premier League clubs, Division One League clubs, National Women’s League clubs, volleyball teams and table tennis teams.

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