America’s #1 Good Morning America shoots episode in Ghana

America's #1 Good Morning America shoots an episode in Ghana
GMA in Ghana (photo credits: Robin Roberts)

America’s top morning show, Good Morning America, is in Ghana to experience the West African country’s bountiful tourist sites ahead of Black Panther’s upcoming Wakanda Forever film.

Anchor Robin Roberts communicated the exciting news on Twitter ahead of her episode, which she shot in Ghana. Robin Roberts is in the company of Danai Gurira of Black Panther Fame and chef Fatmata Binta.

Sharing videos and pictures from her stay in Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast, Robin Roberts celebrated Ghana’s unique woven fabric, Kente, with #GMA’s own handwoven kente stole.

She also shared plans to start conversations about “how the nation has been leading the charge in innovation and development.”


Good Morning America is a top morning show designed to report the morning’s top headlines from around the world. The program covers a wide range of topics, including medicine, finance, consumer issues, computer technology, education and gardening.

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