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A mother must protect her child at all costs! – BullGod weighs in on Shatta Wale, mother’s feud

A mother must protect her child at all costs! – Bullgod weighs in on Shatta Wale and mother's feud
Shatta Wale and mother; Bullgod

In the beginning, BullGod was reluctant to speak on the issue, but after persuasion from the host and other pundits on the show, he gave in. And for him, Shatta Wale’s mother should exercise patience and stop peddling family matters to the media.

BullGod found himself in a tight spot when the Shatta’s quarrel with his mother became the topic of discussion United Showbiz. After much urging, he decided to share his opinion on the unfortunate situation.

“I’m more than Shatta Wale’s manager. He’s my junior brother and a friend. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I will talk about it now. First and foremost, every home has its issues. Maybe when you come to my house, it’s worse than what is happening. I think the mother must exercise patience. Family issues should stay within the family, not on public platforms.”

According to BullGod, a mother’s primary role is to protect her children, not drag their names through the mud. He made some big revelations when he mentioned that Shatta Wale bought his mom a car, which she still drives around.


He said, “This is a mother. The mother should be protecting their kids no matter the situation. Sleeping on what streets? Listen, there’s no way. I’m saying that she needs to be patient because in this context, being played out, Shatta has already rented a place for her. And I think the place has expired. Not that he hasn’t done anything for her. The woman drives a car. Shatta is the one who bought a car for her. So I think she needs to be patient.

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“She said she’s sleeping inside a car, and it’s the same car that Shatta bought for her. So he’s done something. Everybody can say what they want to say. They’re entitled to their own opinions. Like I said, nobody knows what is really going on. But since his mother is the older one, she should have resorted to settling it at home no matter the situation,” BullGod ended.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana