Your degree is nothing if not backed with skills – Graduates told

Lead Consultant for the Corporate Tool Box Ghana Jeremiah Buabeng has shared his thoughts on the alarming rate of youth unemployment in Ghana.

Mr Baubeng explains that graduates are keen on passing while in school rather acquiring apprenticeship skills for the job market.

Discussing the readiness of graduates for the job market on TV3‘s New Day morning show, the consultant gave cues on why graduates fail to gain job opportunities and some of hindrances along their line of job.

He highlighted a few of activities and programmes on campus that will help build their professional skills.

“The challenge in our educational systems is that there’s so much emphasis on memorization,” he said.

“The brain has other functions like imagination, creativity, analysis and being able to put things together but school has focused on memorization and most often when you meet those graduands, they are likely to memorize and pour with little emphasis on practical skills. So if you do something like Marketing, plan instead of doing a market plan for an organization as part of a practical aspect of a project. The problem is not with the content but rather the delivery. Employers employ people to get results.”

He also encouraged the government to commend all institutions that grant internship opportunities to students.

He explained that such an initiative will boost the other institutions to give more opportunities to students and also reduce the chunk of theory students to more practicable youths.

He added: “I think government should start rewarding companies for taking on interns because if you understand the situation very well, you know that they go through stress to get internship.

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“So even if it means giving them a pass card or something, it will encourage managers to take on interns. Let’s all contribute to solving the problem.”

He entreated all interns to consider working and developing their skills and intellect as that is more essential than thinking of how to gain money from internships.

By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony||Ghana