TikTok’s impact is so huge that I can’t quantify it – Article Wan

TikTok's impact is so huge that I can't quantify it - Article Wan
Article Wan

After gracing The Showbiz Conference with his presence, Article Wan shared his thoughts on the present ‘TikTok and the music industry’ conversation. Speaking to TV3’s head of digital video content, Article Wan emphasised that the relevance of TikTok in the Ghanaian music industry cannot be overlooked.

The Afro-dancehall musician cited how dance challenges on TikTok have a wider reach which helps with music promotion. He also pointed out that the social media app has a healthy number of subscribers, which increases its visibility.

“TikTok has now become the platform that everyone is on. When you want to do promotions, and when you do a challenge, people take it from there to the next level.”

Article Wan also disagreed with his colleagues who felt that the fast-paced app may be detrimental to the industry. “You can never say it’s not helping. It’s really helping. It’s also part of the apps promoting music, dance and everything,” he reaffirmed.

Saying again, Article Wan continued, “The impact is very big. I can’t even put it in percentage. It’s very very big. As of now, it’s the current promotional platform.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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