There are days I feel like giving up in my ministry but God gives us grace to continue- Siisi Baidoo

‘Onyame Tumfo’ hitmaker, Siisi Baidoo has disclosed that ministry can be an arduous journey and there are days he’s felt like dropping the ball.

The Gospel singer, writer preacher and leader of Crafted Nation made this known in an interview with Caleb Giovani on the 3FM Drive.

Reflecting on the responsibilities and sacrifices that it takes for a young person to be involved in ministry, he disclosed that some days were not all rosy and felt like almost giving up.

“It’s not easy, it’s been very very difficult,” said the fasting-rising gospel dynamo “There are days I feel like giving up but I also believe that is the symbol of sacrifice. Telling yourself that it is easier to go this path or It is easier to just choose my corporate life and what I studied in school but sacrificing all of it for ministry”

Baidoo who doubles as a Sales and marketing consultant at the Airport View Hotel said working full-time in both corporate and ministry was a heavy task but it took the grace of God to do it excellently.

“Some of my colleagues see me in the morning and they ask but you were not in Accra yesterday so how did you get here or even earlier than them in the morning…It tells me that when God calls you to do something he just gives you the grace to do it,” he pointed out.

Siisi Baidoo whose latest single ‘Sunsum Kronkron’ is enjoying massive airplay also shared how God has been using his music to bless the lives of his listeners.

“When we released Onyame Tumfo, a guy called me from Somanya whose mum had been bed-ridden because of issues with her spine. He said he played the music by her whiles praying and she was healed instantly,” the man of God disclosed.

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Sunsum Kronkorn which means Holy Spirit in Akan comes off the heels of his last album in 2022, Revelation which features a list of contemporary Gospel Heavyweights.

He articulates the verses in Psalm 46-1:4 perfectly in this new melody which is set to bless all who listen.


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