Stock trends in all West African countries decreased except Ghana, Togo – Report

A report on the effect of the coronavirus on food supply in Africa which was compiled by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, (AGRA) has revealed that stock trends showed a general decrease in commodity stocks across most countries except in Ghana and Togo, where there was an increase in wheat stocks, albeit marginal in Ghana.

The report, which focused on the month of June, noted that food supply and consumption trends in West Africa indicate that consumption levels were generally lower than supplies during the month, thus implying that most countries had a food surplus during the month.

“With most countries in the region recorded to have experienced a stressed and minimal food security situation, this analysis suggests limited ability to purchase food in the region despite its availability,” it said.

It added that food supply and consumption trends in Southern Africa showed consumption levels remained lower than supplies during the month with stocks increasing during the month particularly in Zambia and Malawi, reflecting the increase in food availability from the main harvests experienced over the past couple of months.

Mozambique saw a decline in commodity stocks across major commodities with consumption showing similar trends with other countries in the region remaining lower than commodity supplies.

“With the country reported to be facing a food crisis situation in most parts of the country, commodity supply levels exceeding consumption levels illustrates the possibility of limited purchasing power among most people in the country due to possible income losses from the COVID-19 pandemic,” it said.

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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