Restraining Black Sheriff from performing infringes on his rights – Sadiq

Restraining Black Sheriff from performing infringes on his rights – Sadiq
Sadiq Abu and Black Sherif

3Music CEO has jumped to Black Sherif’s defence against the impending lawsuit with Snap Chavis Wayne as plaintiff. According to Sadiq, a court ordering an individual from living his way of life is a human right infringement.

Yesterday reports indicated that the Kwaku The Traveller hitmaker has allegedly been sued by his former manager and financier for an alleged breach of contract. In the application, Snap Chavis asked the courts to prevent Black Sherif from performing and spending his music money.

In response, Sadiq rubbished the enforcement of such directive during a phone-in with Andy Dosty.

“If you look at the closest case, in case law, the closest case study you can use in a common law country will be the Kizz Daniel case with G-Money. You realize that often no court stops a particular person from living his way of life even if the person has been sued.

“The artiste’s way of life is continuous recording and to perform. So it would become a human rights issue if any court will stop him from living his way of life, which will be to record and to perform.”

Sadiq also disclosed the procedures involved in a lawsuit allows Black Sherif ample time to honour any shows this Easter. He said, “As it stands now, the court hasn’t injunction Sherif from performing or doing anything. So, he can perform. He has eight days to first and foremost enter an appearance to admit that he refutes the summons and he has a defence or not. So, at it stands now, within the eight days, first and foremost, he can play any show he’s billed to play on, including the easter shows. So, it’s not right that he can’t play shows.

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“Beyond that as well, when he even enters an appearance, usually there’s a ten-day window he has to file a defence pending the decision of the court. So the eight working days plus the ten days to file the defence. He has about 18 days to work with. So within this period, he can play any show that he’s billed to play or perform,” Sadiq concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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