Respect for one another is key to happy marriage – Basketmouth

Basketmouth on Marriage
Basketmouth on Marriage

Award-winning comedian Basketmouth, who is a divorcee, has given advice on how to make the most of their romantic relationship for the benefit of their career.

In an interview on #3FMDrive with Giovanni Caleb & AJ Sarpong on Monday 27th March, he shared 2 lessons he picked from marriage.

‘There is no good marriage that ends up with divorce’ he said.

He added “Sometimes it is just communication… to be able to sit down and communicate between yourselves, no boundaries no limits … understand each other flawlessly, I am not saying it is my own problem.

“Respect for each other. In my tribe we prefer respect to love. Respect is one thing and you have to earn it as well. There is a lot more I have learnt”.

Will you ever give it a chance again? Giovani asked.

In answer, he said “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Basketmouth announced his separation from his wife, Elsie, on December 22, 2022, after the couple marked their 12th marriage anniversary.

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