Kenyan pupils protest after Nairobi school demolished

Primary schoolchildren have used their desks to block a major road in Kenya’s capital Nairobi after their school was demolished. The Kenyatta Golf Course Academy was knocked down at the weekend following a land dispute. They were joined by their parents and teachers as they chanted: “We want our school, we need to study in school.” Several Kenyan schools have been demolished in recent years because of arguments over title deeds. In some cases, corrupt officials have issued multiple deeds for the same property. One parent protesting during the rush-hour said: “We are demonstrating because we did not have any notice to vacate.” Teachers are reported to be concerned that the demolition means they have lost their jobs. The demonstration ended peacefully. Two years ago police fired teargas to disperse protesting schoolchildren in Nairobi after their playground was sold to a developer. Source: BBC]]>

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