JuniorSharks: Bambiland bamboozles Abor E.P JHS in battle of Volta

The #JuniorSharks competition of The Sharks Quiz Season 5 officially opened with two schools from the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region.

Bambiland Montessori and Abor Evangelical Presbyterian JHS locked horns in the first contest to determine who stays in the competition and who goes home.

Contestants look to grace of God and divine favour

During the introduction and familiarization moments before real action began, both schools acknowledged the inadequacy of their own exertions.

Contestants thus hoped for the best and indicated they would be relying on divine grace and favour to help them win the competition.

Round 1( Right Corner)

Questions in the First Round revolved around Social Literacy.

Bambiland began the Round on a wrong note as they missed the first question which read “who became the first foreign minister of Ghana”?

The initial jitters by Bambiland appeared to have affected their train of thought as they missed six more of their eight questions.

Abor EP on the other hand did one better than Bambiland by answering two of the eight questions to end the First Round with 20 points while Bambiland had 10 points.

Round 2 ( Writing, Reading and Arithmetic)

This round exposed the weak arithmetic abilities of both contestants as they missed all of their arithmetic questions.

The Writing and Reading segment, however, turned out to be a strong area for Bambiland.

Round 3 (STEM )

Bambiland made a tactical substitution, bringing on Oswald Badoe to spur on tbe team and it paid off as Bambiland picked one correct answer after another.

Round 4( One-on-one round)

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Onto the daise to ensure the continuous stay or otherwise of their schools in the competition were: Beatrice and Atsiabor for Abor and Bambiland respectively in the English segment; Vincent Ahiadu and Ekuban for Abor EP and Bambiland respectively in the Maths segment; Maxwell and Oswald for Abor and Bambiland in the Science segment.

The quest to find the next Albert Einstein, as quiz master Noble Crosby Annan had envisaged proved not a realistic prospect unfortunately, as both young scientists representing the schools failed to answer a question correctly.

And last but not least Kelvin Gorsu and Piero up for Abor EP and Bambiland respectively in the General Knowledge segment.

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