It’s tough doing everything – Sitso opens up for record labels

It's tough doing everything on my own - Sitso opens up for record labels

Sitso publicly declares his readiness to join forces with a record label to push his career. The afrobeat musician with highlife undertones revealed the challenges of going solo on 3FM Urban Blend.

“What makes it tougher is when you single-handedly do it. You have to do everything; your own executive manager, PR, and road manager. Aside from all these, you have to be a musician as well.”

According to Sisto, his current status as an independent artiste was not deliberate. He disclosed his eagerness to join a label, but presently, he is focusing on putting his own team together.

“It’s not by choice. I’ve come to realise that stakeholders and investors always want you to have some mileage. At least get somewhere.

“I feel people are watching when I work. When you have that at the back of your mind, you know how to work. You have to make sure the brand is attractive enough to attract investors,” he clarified to Miriam, the host.

According to Sitso, his progress will not be in vain, as he hopes to secure a deal befitting the strides he has made in the industry.

“The conversation is different when they come in after you’ve gotten somewhere than when they take you from the scratch. So I like it that way.”

Sitso is currently promoting his new single, Looku Looku, available on all streaming platforms.

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