It's a case of relationship gone bad – Funny Face reacts to $53,000 suit

Comedian Funny Face has called for calm in the midst of a suit by a US-based Ghanaian woman. The comedian says the suit is just a case of a relationship gone bad. The US-based woman, Mary Ama Boansi, is alleging that Funny Face took monies from her with the promise that he would marry her. According to court documents, the comedian failed to pay back an amount of 53,105.53 dollars when the relationship turned sour. Funny Face, according to the documents, proposed marriage to Mary Ama Boansi after they met and fell in love in 2016. Mary Ama Boansi subsequently footed the bill of some of Funny Face’s projects. Because Funny Face allegedly failed to marry her, Ama Boansi is asking the court to, among other things, direct Funny Face to pay her 53,105.53 dollars or its Ghana cedi equivalent plus interest at bank rate. The amount, according to the writ, is the total sum of money she allegedly gave the comedian. Reacting to the suit, in a video that has surfaced online, Funny Face told his fans that there is no cause for alarm. “Funny Fans relax. Don’t panic, it’s nothing serious. This is a pure case of a relationship gone bad that someone,” wants to use to tarnish his image. “Over one year breakup you are now coming back… anyway the issue is in court,” and his lawyers are handling it.


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