Gudu run open tournament to take place on Saturday

The Gudu Studios, a software and e-sports company, is bringing all gamers together and offering them a chance to win big in the biggest eSports event to be held in Ghana on Saturday September 11, 2021.

It has been two years since Gudu Run made its entry into the game market and has grown with over 10 thousand total number of players at the moment.

Saturday’s event would see the biggest competition organised yet on the Gudu platform with many new exciting features added to take the experience to the next level.

Players who have accounts with Gudu can partake in this event at no fee. To participate in the event, one only has to log in to the player dashboard at, select competition, enter gratis and join in the competition. Once this has been done the player is eligible to play in the Gratis mode in the app and compete to win some amazing prizes.

There are over a 100 rewards for participants in the upcoming competition.


Players would be ranked and rewarded based on the accumulated number of coins they collect during the competition with the top 10 players at the end of the competition being rewarded with cash prizes respectively.

1st – 2000
2nd – 1000
3rd – 500
4th – 300
5th – 200
6th – 150
7th – 100
8th – 80
9th – 70
10th – 50

All players who are ranked from 11th to 90th would also receive vouchers from Cheezy Pizza worth 50 cedis each.

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All plays would be available live at and players would also be rewarded for getting fans watch and interact with their play as well.

The player with the most views on his stream would be rewarded with 300 cedis while the 2nd and 3rd player with the most streams get rewarded with GHS150 and GHS100 respectively and the next 10 players with high views on their stream getting a GHS100 cedis worth of voucher from Cheezy Pizza.