Ghana's best not in political parties – Nduom

Businessman-turned-politician, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom says his dream is not to become the country’s President before contributing to its development but rather to see Ghanaians become prosperous.

“I have a means of making a contribution to the prosperity of Ghana. It doesn’t have to be on a political platform but if it were to happen I think Ghanaians can see something wonderful”.

Taking his turn on TV3’s Uncovered Wednesday morning, Dr. Nduom said the best of the best people to develop the country is not in political parties, noting that those voting for the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party thinking they will develop the country is a mirage.

“I have seen different political parties. the best of Ghana is not in the political parties. The best we have, they are not there. So if you think you are going to vote for NDC and keep voting for NDC and that’s where you’ll get your things from, it won’t happen or NPP,” he stated.

He said at this stage of Ghana’s development, the best leadership to take  the country out of its current state is a coalition goverment and not a political party, where all the best people from all circles will be assembled for the governing of the country.

“I think at this stage of our development in Ghana, we should take a bit from here and bit from there. If I have my way, there would be a coalition government with the best that we have from different places and not just those who are in politics in the parties, and let them form government so that for about 20 years Ghana can develop properly,” he said.

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Dr. Nduom who is the founder of the Progressive People’s Party said an all inclusive government produce results than the winner takes all system, noting that former President Kufuor’s first term saw many positive things for Ghana because of its inclusiveness.

“And I have been quite frank on record that in  the first term of former President Kufuour, where there was true inclusiveness attitude, he did a lot of good things for Ghana. Second term, when they decided they will be NPP, a lot of negative things happened, unfortunately for Ghana,”

He said the PPP has itself to forming an inclusive government, saying “inclusiveness is wonderful so I’m peddling the idea of a coalition for 2016. Whether anybody is interested, I’m ready.”

He said he hopes to bring the best to the table, noting “we are going to people. We are talking to people; different people in this country, people who are not just known to be somebody but who we know have delivered in their private or public capacities and then the Political parties as well”.

Dr. Nduom said the PPP has delayed in choosing its Presidential candidate because of the coalition, pointing out that that does not suggest he is not going to contest as a flagbearer.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah|