Ghanaian football fans stage #OccupyGFA protest against Kurt Okraku-led GFA


A group of Ghanaian fans has organised a protest against the current leadership of the Football Association (), led by .

This , known as #OccupyGFA, aims to express discontent with the current state of football governance in the country, citing concerns about transparency and fairness in the administration.

The protest is orchestrated by a group known as the Ghana Football Stakeholders Forum, with prominent figures like Abraham Boakye, known as ‘One Man Supporter,' and Charles Ntim, known as ‘Mickey Charles,' at the forefront.

The demonstrators are marching to the GFA Secretariat in Accra to make their voices heard. Many are carrying placards with slogans such as “ and must speak and act now!” and “GFA is not Dreams! Kurt go away!”. These slogans reflect the protesters' concerns that Kurt Okraku has been perceived as favouring Dreams FC, the club he previously led as Executive Chairman before his election as GFA president in 2019.

Despite resigning from his role as Executive Chairman of Dreams FC, Okraku has maintained ties with the club, leading to allegations of bias and favouritism within the GFA.

The GFA on Monday, however, announced moving their Secretariat to Tamale for Thursday's Elective Congress. Kurt Okraku is running unopposed in the after his opponent, , was disqualified.

Despite legal challenges, the GFA is proceeding with the elections. Both Afriyie and the club have filed separate applications for an injunction to halt the process, with both applications scheduled to be heard on October 12, 2023. Additionally, Afriyie has lodged an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport challenging his disqualification.

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