[Audio] Online driver recounts a female passenger wanting to pay ride with sex

An online driver has disclosed how a female passenger who patronized his service wanted to barter sex for the ride on reaching her destination.

The experience, according to the driver, who spoke to Giovani Caleb on the 3FM Drive, said was bizarre.

Online driving hasn’t been without whims. From frustrated drivers who feel the system charges passengers low fares, stories of passengers being kidnapped by drivers, female passengers being harassed by drivers and vice versa, it appears the world of online driving will not cease with interesting stories.

On 3FM’s Drive show, some of the passengers and drivers phoned in to share their experiences and sentiments regarding online driving. Some of the stories that stood out regarded passengers wanting to exchange sex with payment.

One of the drivers who anonymously phoned in said, ‘I was in that area when my phone belled with a request. The name was Lemon. How can a human being’s name be Lemon? When I got there, it was a woman.  I picked this girl. On the way, this girl was at the back seat unable to sit. She was getting up intermittently. I realized she was a ‘Hook-up Girl’ who has probably gone to have sex so is feeling the pain ‘down there’. I kept observing her till we got to the destination. The trip cost GHS10 but she had a discount and so was to pay GHS7. When I demanded my money, she said she was going inside to get it. I waited for a long time but didn’t come out. I noticed the room she mentioned so I went to the door and knocked. I was astonished at what I saw’.

In terms of sex, most of the drivers who phoned in had similar experiences to share. Some passengers also phoned in to share experiences of their encounters with drivers who refused to give them their change after a trip.

By 3news.com|Ghana