An open letter to the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church – Ghana

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I am a Methodist. I went to a Catholic Elementary School, went to a Presbyterian Junior High School and an Anglican Senior High School.

My first job in Ghana 🇬🇭 was teaching at a Pentecost Senior High School. I am Ghanaian who believe my education must benefit the people.

I contribute to my church and other churches’ activities effortlessly and without any grudges whatsoever.

I know the churches in Ghana 🇬🇭 have done more than God’s work. They have built schools, clinics, hospitals, universities, training colleges and done uncountable things.

In fact, they have been there when and where governments and the State have failed.

The churches do not need a pay back in the form of a National Cathedral. If the churches needed a National Cathedral, they would be able to build one themselves.

Stealing state funds with impunity to build a National Shrine is not Christianity, neither is it spirituality or righteousness.

The leadership of the Methodist Church – Ghana 🇬🇭 should take appropriate steps to dissociate the church from this corruption infested church project.

If the Finance Minister wants a church building, he should raise his own money and build a church for his god. He cannot use our money and use our President and our clergymen as cover up.

When the Christian leadership in Ghana decide that we need a National Cathedral, properly so called, we will contribute willingly and effortlessly to build a befitting one without nicodemously stealing from the taxpayer and lying about same.

To this end, the distinguished former Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church – Ghana 🇬🇭, the Most Reverend Titus Awotwi Pratt should, with immediate effect, consider resigning from the Board of Trustees or the Methodist Church should take steps to dissociate itself from this project borne out of lies. 

An action on the part of the Methodist Church in respect of the foregoing will send a strong signal that the Church abhors all forms of corruption, especially so when it relates to a building supposedly being built for God Almighty.

We should be seen to practice what is preached.

Kofi Asamoah-Siaw

Wesley Methodist Church, Akim-Oda

Grace Methodist Church, Sakaman, Accra.

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