2 drug smugglers flee arrest; 76 slabs of suspected cocaine seized

The vehicle in which the substances were retrieved from[/caption] The Police at Axim in the Western Region have impounded a total of 76 slabs of substances believed to be narcotics. The substances were being transported from the Elubo area to Takoradi in an Ivory Coast registered Hyundai 4X4 vehicle but on seeing the Police, the two ‘smugglers’ abandoned the vehicle after they had been given a chase. One of the two persons has been identified as Kwasi Asante, the Police confirmed to 3News Thursday. According to the Police, some of their personnel from Axim were on speed check duty Sunday on the Takoradi-Elubo highway when the vehicle registered No. 1894 GR 01 approached. The officers signaled the vehicle to stop and the driver momentarily stopped but when he saw the Police approaching the car, he sped off. He was given a chase up to the “32” barrier but the officers were told that the vehicle had not passed that direction, causing the team return to Anaji where they branched at a feeder road leading to Fantekrom. “At the village the Team was informed that a car with that description had passed at top speed. Police followed up only to discover the car had parked across the road between Fantekrom and Nuabesa but the occupants had bolted,” the Police said.A search on the car revealed a pack containing about 76 slabs of a substance suspected to be narcotics, the Police told 3News, adding the vehicle and the substances have since been impounded. “A further search on car revealed a foreign driving license of the runaway driver by name Asante Kwasi,” the Police said. A manhunt has been lunched for the arrest of the suspects.

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By Stephen KWabena Effah|3news.com|Ghana]]>