Yvonne Nelson secretly ties the knot?

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Actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson is said to have married secretly to an Italian.

Multiple online news portals have reported the story although there are no pictures nor videos confirming the supposed marriage.

The information came from two social media posts – one from Yemmey Baba, a Ghana-based Nigerian blogger, and actress Adu Sarfowaah who recently had a feud with popular social media ‘landlord’, Afia Schwarzenegger.

The blogger is quoted to have stated that the ceremony was held a fortnight ago.

“Congratulations one of Africa’s finest screen goddess, Yvonne Nelson as she tied the knot with her Italian sweetheart (name withheld)’. The highly secured ceremony which we were there took place two weeks ago. To many, instead of getting shocked to the marrow asking ‘how? ‘when? ‘where?’, forming all ‘Nicodemus’ on why she didn’t first of all come and seek for your permission or approval on social media; try to find out and stick to a recipe that’s tasting nice for the newly wedded diamond-ring beauty, HAPPY MARRIED LIFE, Yvonne”, Yemmey Baba wrote.

Adu Sarfowaah’s post was however very obscure as she only made a congratulatory remark on her Instagram page.

‘Congratulations Odo.  I love you. Privacy wins. #HappyMarriedlife’’, her post read.

The actress is yet to react to any of the aforementioned posts, and many of her fans have sent her heartfelt messages wishing her a happy married life. The others also seem to have a different view about the supposed marriage. They believe it is a ploy by both industry players to generate conversations on social media in anticipation of a soon to be released movie ‘#Happy married life’

Meanwhile, the fans and other colleagues all wait in expectation to receive an official confirmation from actress Yvonne Nelson.

By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony|3news.com|Ghana

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