Yvonne Nelson ‘exposes’ FIPAG; Talks about her ban, Jackie Appiah’s role…

Yvonne Nelson ‘exposes’ FIPAG; Talks about her ban, Jackie Appiah’s role…
Yvonne Nelson

In 2010, Yvonne Nelson was banned by the Flim Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) after she refused to go on set. In an exclusive interview with Onua FM, she details events leading to her ban while clarifying Jackie Appiah’s involvement. She also discloses that apart from Majid Micheal, none of her colleagues stood by her.

“Why would I go and join a group of men who banned me? A young girl. I was about 24 years when they did that to me. What did they get from doing that to me? So why would me, Yvonne Nelson, go and join FIPAG.”

Narrating the story behind her ban, Yvonne Nelson said that at the time, she was a student whilst pursuing her acting career. She disclosed that she had been on set twice without shooting her scene because Jackie Appiah was not on set while missing class. So on the third day, she decided to go to school instead of going on set.

Yvonne Nelson also recounted the meeting with FIPAG executives where her ban was made official. She described the meeting saying, “It was like they couldn’t wait to destroy.”

“One person I will never forget when I went for a meeting with Majid is Idikoko. I couldn’t believe the man that I was worshipping and idolizing as a young girl was there ad so angry because he couldn’t wait to hear that I had been banned. It shattered me,” Yvonne Nelson told Anigye Mmre.

Yvonne Nelson also revealed that only Majid Michel stood up for her, saying no one, not even actresses or producers, lobbied for the ban to be dropped.


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