Your weekends will never be the same on TV3

TV3 Network Limited has over the years graced your screens with great quality soap operas aimed to create, develop, produce and broadcast innovative and quality television content. The likes of Acapulco Bay, Quando Seasmia, Juana La Virgin, are the many if not the least of entertaining, amusing but educative soaps that have previously flooded our screens. These soap operas have also become a significant presence on cable and have served an avenue to incorporate ones relaxing moment and an educational platform that is fairly relatable to our everyday life. The plots in these telenovelas have gripped viewers in the past years and with the said span of time, have proven beyond imagination your immense patronage of our soap operas. We have brought to your screens an exciting pack of telenovela that will keep your every night exciting and intriguing. These feature timeless stories from different genres, selecting only the best soap series that are contemporary, loved and renowned by a worldwide audience. This also includes famous stars from Latin AmericaMexico and all over the world.

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Do Not Love Me So Much, Love, Italian Bride, Bridges of Love and Miss Dynamite are the many that have taken center stage of discussion with regard to our entertainment segment. We have got you covered during the weekdays as Italian bride graces your screens at 5:00pm. Your Tuesday and Wednesday evening will be swept away as love ushers you to a hub of emotions and desires. Bridges of love makes bare the demarcation between love and riches and your Sundays couldn’t have been any better at 8:00 pm to 10pm, whereas Miss Dynamite uncovers the truth behind a love full of mysteries. This year promises a colorful on air materials that will keep you glued to your set. TV3 first in news, best in entertainment. Sonia Moffatt|TV3|Ghana Twitter: @NewsonTV3]]>


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