Your career turn ‘beans’ – Sista Afia jabs Eno Barony whilst crying women empowerment?

Your career turn beans – Sista Afia jabs Eno Barony whilst crying women empowerment?
Sista Afia and Eno Barony

What seemed like a call to include more women in the entertainment industry turned into a power tussle when Sista Afia called out a female rapper for being ungrateful after helping push her career.

Today, the songstress decided to speak up against the politics in the industry that sidelines female acts. Sis Afia started by pointing out how most award schemes in the country are not female-inclusive. Good start, right? But things started getting murky when she launched a full attack on one-female-rapper-whom-she-helped-win-her-biggest-award-in-her-entire-music-career.

Sista Afia has always maintained that her ‘beef’ with Eno Barony was the secret ingredient that resurrected the rapper’s dying career. She attributed her part in the beef as an essential element that won Eno Barony her Best Rapper of the Year award at VGMA 22.

Sista Afia wrote on Facebook, “One female rapper I helped win her biggest award in her entire music career did media tour and downplayed my effort. The whole industry came supporting her, and she forgot what I started, helped put her there.”

She continued to drag the said female rapper when she described her career as beans, a Ghanaian slang that depicts that something is useless. “Thing is, I wanted to warn her that all those praising her today won’t do that when the hype dies. But since she felt she was there, she enjoyed the hype and acted ungratefully. Today, I can confidently say she and her music all turn beans. Where’s that industry support today?” Sista Afia wrote.

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Fortunately, she didn’t end in this tone but went on to list the good works of other female acts in the industry. Sista Afia mentioned Gyakie and Sefa, whom she applauded for their success despite the challenges of being in a male-dominated industry.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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