Why not use shea butter? – John Dumelo amidst hike in vegetable oil prices

Why not use shea butter? - John Dumelo questions amidst hike in vegetable oil prices
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Social media has been rife with complaints as prices of 25ltr gallons of vegetable oils reach an all-time high. In all the confusion, John Dumelo has spoken about an alternative, which he believes is a cheaper alternative.

The former actor continues to stretch his entrepreneurial skills as he advocates citizens to use shea butter, sourced from the Northern parts of the country, to cook healthy meals.

John Dumelo posed a question on Facebook, which has 102 shares in 5 hours. He wrote, “Natural shea butter oil can be used for cooking, and it’s in abundance in the Northern part of Ghana. So why are we not promoting its use?”

Priced at GHc350 at the beginning of the year, some vendors are now selling at Ghc850 and Ghc1100. This has caused an uproar, as cooking with oil is a huge part of the Ghanaian diet. Many food vendors have, in turn, increased their meal prices or decreased portions to offset costs.

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Shea butter or shea oil as an alternative is fast becoming a conversation as people tighten budgets to feed large families.
Shea butter is known to be an excellent choice for frying foods. Grade A unrefined shea butter is both natural and vegan. It is also very nutritious, making it a good substitute for many other cooking oils.

Some have argued that shea butter may be an unhealthy choice. But even though butter contains saturated fats, they are heart-healthy. Meanwhile, the polyunsaturated fat (omega-6 fatty acid) in oils is undesirable and should be avoided.

Shea butter has several uses aside from cooking. It is a main component in the cosmetic industry for the treatment of dandruff, acne, burns and eczema. But care must be taken as raw shea butter can cause breakouts on the face.


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