Vincent Djokoto: A defiant new era politician

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He is not yet a consequential figure in national politics. But it is written in the stars: Vincent Djokoto will certainly become a household name in a few years to come.

Vincent — aged 25 — is young, charismatic, intriguingly well-spoken and a politically savvy gentleman with an enviable track-record of social activism. He is a modern politician built for the digital age.

Vincent’s highly anticipated debut book, ‘Revolution‘, will certainly add gravitas to his resumé. A consummate researcher with a fledgling writing career, I wouldn’t be surprised if Revolution becomes a best-seller.

His cultivation of the press, largely through frequently published articles, has helped shape a favourable political brand. Vincent has used the pen to become a leading disrupter in Ghanaian politics and a vociferous Pan-Africanist. He is regarded as a breath of fresh air in a muddled political arena.

His core support-base, mainly drawn from social democrats and Nkrumahists, see him as a bright prospect for a nation that seeks to define its politics more through its future. But his detractors consider him an over-ambitious Machiavellian whippersnapper desperate to grab power. It’s been a few months on the brink of mainstream politics and, already, Vincent has been a victim of vile attacks from opposition apparatchiks who label him an elitist well-to-do young man with a pseudo socialists’ brand.

Vincent Djokoto’s public profile paints him as an individual detached from entrepreneurship; he seems fully engrossed in a life of modest public service. But that reputation has since dwindled after he co-founded two firms: Voltacoast Investments and Voltacoast Natural Resources.

His fanbase are keen on how he seeks to create the politics of a new age and challenge the status quo. “People have lost trust in the political establishment.” he said

Djokoto has embraced the Herculean task with courage and fortitude.

He continues to adjust his style on the move and is determined to build a career that’ll mark his contribution in Ghana’s history. “Ghanaian politics is on the verge of a fundamental shift and a new era politician must be able to transcend the NDC-NPP divide” he said.

Vincent Djokoto’s immediate political ambitions aren’t clear.

By Yaw Ansah