Delta Force, vigilante groups are major security threat, we must confront them – Kan Dapaah

Albert Kan Dapaah[/caption] The Minister for National Security, Albert Kan Dapaah is urging political parties to discourage the establishment of vigilante groups, warning their activities could be a major security threat to the nation if not checked. Addressing Parliament on Thursday, the National Security Minister noted that the vigilante groups that are affiliated to political parties have gained notoriety in “molesting and unleashing violence on peace-loving Ghanaians”. He assured Parliament that the security agencies would take “appropriate actions” against persons who have constituted themselves into these action groups violating the laws of the country. “I urge the house, that we all come together, and the political leaders,  to accept that these action groups can become a major security threat for us in future if we do not confront them, and I assure you that we have every intention to confront these militant action groups.” Making reference to a recent violent attack on the Regional Security Coordinator in the Ashanti region by Delta Force, a pro-government vigilante group, the Minister maintained that the group, like the others, is not registered and not recognized by the state. [caption id="attachment_46491" align="aligncenter" width="567"] Some members of the Delta Force that attacked the security coordinator[/caption] The National Security Minister admitted to legislators that he has “been disturbed by the activities of these groups” as he blamed past leaders for failing to nip their activities in the bud. “I do know that the law enforcement agency will ensure that those involved in the recent incident in Kumasi would be dealt with appropriately and in accordance with the law. If we have done something in the past we wouldn’t be where we are now,” Mr. Kan Dapaah stated. Often times, criminal actions of these vigilante groups have gone unpunished due to political influence. But the Minister asserted, “We need to stop such activities because these action groups have the tendency to degenerate into militant groups that can have serious repercussions on the security of the country. Mr. Speaker we must not mix criminality with politicians. Lawlessness must be punished as demanded by the laws of this country.”

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By Isaac Essel ||Ghana]]>