[Video] Wanlov alleges Fella Makafui is fond of Sister Derby’s looks

Controversial musician Wanlov the Kubolor has alleged actress Fela Makafui has been emulating the looks and everything his sister, Deborah Vanessa does.
According to Wanlov, Fela is fond of Deborah Vanessa to the extent that she emulates her at the least opportunity.
“I think she just likes Deborah and she wanted to emulate Deborah’s life and she emulated to the point that she even came to get Deborah’s boyfriend,” Wanlov said on Showbiz927 on Saturday with MzGee.
Wanlov said he always knew Medikal was a womanizer, which he said, his sister should have known before dating him.
“I am not hundred per cent sorry for Deborah because everybody has to learn and grow. I could tell that Medikal is a guy that likes women; from his lyrics, all his lyrics talks about different kinds of women, describing them.
“If she was looking at those signs, she would not have been as hurt or surprised as she was.”
Watch the video below for more:

By 3news.com|Ghana


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