[Video] Rawlings picked Opoku Agyemang to be Mahama’s running mate -Anita De Sosoo

Former National Women’s Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Anita De Sosoo, has stated that the choice of the female vice presidential candidate for Mr. John Dramani Mahama was a decision made by the late former president Jerry John Rawlings.

She made this revelation to Berla Mundi on the New Day show on TV3, Tuesday January 26, in a tribute to the memory of the late former Ghanaian leader.

Debunking claims that the NDC was not on good terms with their Founder, Ms. De Sosoo said “before John Dramani Mahama chose Naana, it was J.J Rawlings who made that choice, he sent a list (of possible candidates) to him and he picked Naana”.

She also stated that every family has issues of their own, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) being no exception.

She said whatever problem they had in the past with the late former president Rawlings was reconciled long before the demise of their founder.

Commenting on the void that has been created by the death of Mr Rawlings, Ms. De Sosoo said “being the founder, if he’s no more, that doesn’t mean we should go and find somebody else to become founder again No! We have only one founder.

“If you have a father and your father is late, do you need to replace your father with somebody else? No! So we will still continue to admire him though he’s no more, and try to follow some of the good ideologies that he brought into the party, that’s the only thing I can say.”

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She further pointed that “As a party we can never ever forget this man(Rawlings) because he’s the founder of the party even though he was a human, he’d erred some places or sometime but there’s nothing we can do, he’s more known in most of the African countries more than anybody in this country”

She also described the late former President Rawlings as her father who was very dear to her.

Describing how she met the late former president, Anita said “it all started in 1979, when I was in Secondary School Form 4, when the coup happened, so since that time I have been with the family and the party and I took him as my father because my father died early at the age of 47/48 so I took him as a father. So our relationship grew to this stage until he left us recently”.

She also narrated how because of the good relationship between them, she used the opportunity when it presented itself two years ago in Madina during the 31st December anniversary to kneel before the late former president Rawlings, to plead with him to reconcile with his party, the National Democratic Congress(NDC) but rather elicited a barrage of criticisms from the late former president on how “she looks so fair lately”.

“I really admire my father so much, if it was somebody, I would have taken it seriously that it was an insult, but when he said it I was so relaxed because that was the point of coming back or having a good relationship with his own party again. So I was very sad when I learned that he was no more, people called me and I said “No” I haven’t heard anything, they said he died at Korle Bu and I said “Oh how?”, until the evening when I got the information from one of our family members” she said.

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Ms. De Sosoo said though she is very sad, she also thank God the former president left a good name, even though he had “the other side” of his life but the good side was more than “the other side”.

“So I have nothing to say but just to say that may God grant him a nice place to stay because he’s a man who say it as it is, he’s a very good man you know but people think that he’s too hard, being lovely at times you need to discipline people when the need arise, so this is the only thing I can say about my dad” she stated


By Barima Kwabena Yeboah|3news.com|Ghana