[Video] I drove my children away because of a demon woman – Psalm Adejeteyfio

I drove my children away because of a demon woman – Psalm Adejeteyfio
Psalm Adjeteyfio

An old video of Psalm Adejetyfio confessing to abandoning his children because of a woman he was dating has resurfaced.

After Psalm’s interview where he pleaded for aid to help pay his rent, the question on everyone’s tongue was, where are his children? A video of his interview with Delay may have the answers as he reveals the relationship between him and his children.

He said, “It’s one big mistake I made in my life. To forsake my own children. I hope to God they have forgiven me. You know it hurts that I abandoned my children. I suffered. I didn’t get it easy. Do you know what I went through before those children came?”

He also advised men to always choose their families over seeking their sexual pleasures. He said that the day a man forgets his responsibilities as a father is a day he seals his doom.

I was chasing a demon. I was going after a demon, who was destroying my children. Today, I am sick, and these children are the ones looking after me. Today I am sick, and my children are looking after me. I am really sorry. I pray that no man goes that way, forsaking your own children and going after some demon of a woman. Please learn from my experience. Don’t do it. You will regret it!

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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