[Video] Ghana risks 'losing benefits' if anti-LGBTQI bill is passed – Madina MP

Member of Parliament for Madina Constituency Francis-Xavier Sosu is warning Parliament over the bill that seeks to criminalise persons with lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex sexual orientation.

The human rights lawyer says passing the bill into law will definitely have international consequences for Ghana.

“Not only will it be recipe for chaos, [but] it could derail the country in several ways as well,” he told TV3‘s Parliamentary Correspondent Komla Klutse on Friday, July 23.

“Don’t forget already the sentiments and the kind of emotions associated with legislating against this practice is very high. It has very serious international consequences. I daresay that Ghana will definitely lose some benefits as a result of passing this law.”

Watch him below:


Source: 3news.com|Ghana