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Under-performing Ministries would have staff ‘fired’- Minister

Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei, says he has given a directive to his staff to sack workers who underperform in the various government Ministries.

He said like the President Nana Akufo-Addo, he also has zero tolerance for people not delivering on their job.

Notwithstanding, Dr. Akoto Osei assured Ghanaians he would do all in his capacity to make sure government flagship programmes are achieved before year 2020.

The Minister said this at a ‘Stakeholders Validation Workshop of Government Results Framework for Priority Programmes’ in Accra.

He said the country needs to see results, but unfortunately he is not seeing the results the way he wanted to see them.

“Ghanaians are not satisfied, and the Ministers have a mandate to be able to tell us the progress we have made by the first quarter of 2020,” he stated.

Dr Akoto Osei said the Ministers in the current government are not allowed to give the ‘I’m not aware’ excuse at cabinet meetings, when asked obout the progress they have made in policy programmes and exhibiting governments commitment to achieving its flagship programmes in time.

“My Ministry is not to overshadow the policy progress monitoring and evaluation units the ministries already had set up, we (the monitoring and evaluation ministry), on the Presidents behalf, hold Ministers accountable to the President during cabinet meetings, and not civil servants.

“If you are a Minister and you don’t know what the objectives of the ministry are, you don’t deserve to be there. The Minister is answerable to the President and not the Civil Service, so the Ministers must own their programmes”, he added.

My Ministry isn’t to Police ministers

He said contrary to the perception that the Ministry was formed to police his colleague Ministers, the monitoring and evaluation ministry was in existence to facilitate results, and not find faults.

Dr Akoto Osei stated that the current staff of the Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation is over-worked, noting that they have about 11 National Service Personnel.

He added his ministry could use more staff, saying “we would need to add some more staff to be able to do some work”.

He admitted that because his Ministry is new, it has challenges like any other new ministry, but with monitoring and evaluation help from non-governmental organisations and donors, he said the ministry would thrive.

Ms Nana Serwah Amoako, the Special Advisor and Head of Government Results Delivery at the Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation, said there public service in the country had gaps in its data analysis, real time data communication, and data collection in terms of its monitoring and evaluation services.

That, she observed, could be strengthened.

She said the ministry had collaborated with other countries to learn modern and best monitoring and evaluation ways that it would adopt to close that gap.

She said the Ministry would focus on monitoring and evaluation of government flagship programmes while the pre-existing National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) focused on monitoring and evaluation of other government projects.

Ms Serwah Amoako noted that Monitoring and Evaluation was an important sector that played a key role in the development of the country.

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