UE/R: Teacher presents school uniforms to Naaga Primary Sch pupils

Some pupils of the Naaga Primary School in the Kasena-Nankana Municipality of the Upper East Region today benefitted from the benevolence of one of their teachers, Desmond Kampoe, who donated some 141 sets of school uniforms worth over GHS 6,000 (Six Thousand Cedis) to them.

The gesture, according to the teacher who has been in philanthropy for some time now and celebrated his birthday Thursday, March 31, is “to help promote school spirit in pupils, a sense of belonging and to enable teachers identify pupils easily”.

The items were received by the Basic School Coordinator for the Kassena-Nankana Municipal, Mesud Kambaasi, on behalf of the Kassena-Nankana Municipal Education Directorate and handed over to the PTA and SMC chairmen of the school.

All stakeholders present at the presentation expressed gratitude towards the initiative.

This is not the first time Mr. Kampoe has donated to the school. Through his efforts, the school received a donation of school desks in March 2021, when media reports showed that some pupils were sitting on the bare floor to learn.

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His acts of generosity won him a nomination in the Outstanding Philanthropist category at the Humanitarian Awards Global in 2021.

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According to Mr. Kampoe, this recent donation is funded with proceeds from a support fund that he won in addition to his personal funds.

“Following the furniture project executed in March 2021, I observed yet another problem. Some pupils come to school without uniform. This I see does not promote school spirit, give a sense of equality and does not assist in pupils identification.

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“God being so good, I won a weekly $1000 support fund from Project Nightfall in December, 2021. The $1000 received after PayPal charges and bank transfer fees totalled ¢5,600. I made a top up from personal income to meet a target of producing 141 pieces of uniforms to cover the number of pupils in the lower primary”, he explained.

He added that he has been through difficult times that nearly cost his life and also threatened the funds he had dedicated for the project, but he persisted just to put a smile on the faces of his pupils.

“Even though, I was tempted beyond measure by bills accruing from a car accident that almost claimed my life on December 29th, 2021, to dip hand into the already dedicated budget for the project; by God’s grace, I stayed committed and saw the project to completion no matter the challenges”, he said.

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