TV3 overhauls New Day to give it new look

TV3 has announced significant changes in one of its leading shows, New Day, in a new move by station to refocus the multiple award-winning morning magazine show to widen its lead in the morning television belt in the country. Starting this September 2, the restructured show will not only wake you up from 6:00am, but also excite and stir up your morning for a brighter day every Monday through to Friday. In fact, it will be the alternative to that your typical morning snoozer shows. Arguably, the most versatile and dynamic television show hosts in the country recently – maestro Johnnie Hughes; the goddess of the airwaves Berla Mundi and Chrystal the gem – will be in the driving seat for the daily four-hour journey of well-thought out stimulating content. As masters of their craft, the trio will spice up the new season of New Day which will be heavy in critical news analysis, current affairs, lifestyle, law and security, entertainment and sports. The new phase of the show will place the audience at heart as there will be an interactive session with them with the view to giving them a voice in whatever is discussed or done on the show. It will engage the audience through multiple platforms, including social media and instant messaging, as well as face to face engagements. Also, the show will often move out of the studio to engage its audiences. [caption id="attachment_134386" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] [L-R] Chrystal, Johnnie and Berla[/caption]Who are the hosts? Johnnie Hughes With over a decade experience in the media landscape, Johnnie Hughes has carved a niche for himself in the area of radio and television presentation with his ability to speak truth to power. The multiple award-winning broadcaster-cum-poet is quick witted, and his sense of humour is epidemic. With his great interviewing skills, when Johnnie sits with policymakers, it’s a deep discourse that is not only exciting but educative. Johnnie’s ability to grasp and make personal, issues concerning communities, makes him the go to man. And that’s what the audience should expect from him in this new season of New Day.

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Berla Mundi For the past decade, she has become the toast of television and radio audience with her flair in hosting shows. The award winning broadcaster is today one of the best in the industry. As a new co-host of the show, she will not only charm and brighten your screen, she will also wow you with her analysis of issues and presentational skills. Berla is a youth advocate, mentor and entrepreneur Chrystal She is the raw gem among the three. Those who have experienced her over the years will tell you there is no dull moment with her. Chrystal, popularly known as YutuMC, is a dynamic and energetic performer with an endless list of entertaining skills. Performer is one word that best describes her. She is a stage actor who’s featured in several plays of renowned playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte. She has a good understanding of the arts and entertainment industry like no other. By|Ghana]]>


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