TV3 introduces new exciting television series Black Money Love

In March 2020, Ghana’s number one television station, TV3 Network, introduced a hit Filipino revenge drama television series titled Wildflower. Its intriguing storyline and characters created a nationwide attention and huge following instantly.

Management of TV3 Network has this week announced the commencement of another successful television series titled Black Money Love, scheduled to replace the very popular Wildflower which ends next week.

Black Money Love is an exciting and award winning Turkish television series which premieres on 25th January 2021 at 8PM. It chronicles a breathtaking story of mystery and romance of a young cop, Omer and daughter of the tycoon, Elif.

Sibel, fiancée of Omer, was found dead in a car with the tycoon, Ahmet. Omer is joined by Elif to investigate how the two deceased persons supposed to be from two different worlds got into the same car, how they knew each other and why they were killed.

It became obvious the murder is related to diamonds when Omer finds one diamond in his fiancée’s room and another in the car where the dead bodies were found. Members of a mafia group also started threatening Elif to bring all the missing diamonds to save her little sister who had been kidnapped. Elif and Omer decided to look for the diamonds while learning to trust each other.

Commenting on the Black Money Love, the General Manager of MG Television, Francis Doku, said “we are committed to bringing to our viewers the best content at all times. Over the years, we have introduced some of the best television drama in the history of Ghanaian television. Wildflower was very successful and we are taking it a notch higher with Black Money Love. Lovers of great television drama should get ready for something exciting”. 

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Black Money Love won the drama category at the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2015 and was also nominated in the International Emmy Awards, Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards and Turkey Youth Awards in 2015.

Black Money Love will air on TV3 from Mondays to Thursday at 8PM from 25th January 2021.