TT needs a manager; Celebs beg too much – Showbiz analysts insist

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The mismanagement of donations by famous actor TT was critically analyzed by Ricky Anokye, a content and marketing consultant and Showbiz analyst. Sammy Flex, a Showbiz analyst, and Wayo Ting, a music producer and entertainment analyst, also shared their opinions on TV3’s Simply Showbiz.

During the analysis (how much donations he received and how long the money lasted), Wayo Ting slammed TT for asking for help after all that money. He also mentioned that the help TT needs is more than financial support. Instead, someone to also manage and help him fit into the new generation.

Wayo Ting said, “TT needs to accept the fact that he needs help. That help is not just monetary. That help is about the person who knows how to lead him into the new generation.”

Sammy flex also suggested that there should be someone responsible for all donations to TT. So that everything will be directed to the management instead of TT himself. Since it is clear that he did not put the past donations into proper use to better his life years to come.

Sammy Flex suggested, “Everyone who would want to help TT should not give the money to him directly. He needs people to manage him. Such people will be responsible for putting the money into proper use so he wouldn’t come begging again.”

Ricky Anokye also highlighted some negative attitudes of some celebrities on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. He extended the critics to some celebs on these platforms saying that TT is not the only one begging. He complained of the indirect demands on social media.

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“TT is not the only one doing this. I feel it has become the habit of some celebrities to be begging too. It has become like a style that people are living with,” Ricky Anokye added.

The Showbiz analysts wrapped up the conversation concluding that TT needs a manager to guide and manage his talent and donations.

By Lordina Nayeram Bessie|Onua FM||Ghana