To be a man is to keep your mouth shut… – Ayisi

To be a man is to keep your mouth shut... - Ayisi

Ghanaian musician Ayisi has spoken about how men handle situations, including navigating emotional hurdles. He revealed his battle with controlling his anger and how things have changed since establishing a calmer approach to issues.

Ayisi explained to Chrystal Aryee on 3FM Drive how society’s expectations of how men should handle issues have been ingrained into their relations.

“It’s not natural for men to be opening up to people unless you are their homie. Most of the time, they handle stuff on their own.

“The things that we can share with you, we share. But some things are there we would never ever share. Not because we don’t love you, trust you or respect the relationship. It’s just part of being a man. You bottle a lot of stuff in you. And you handle it.”

Ayisi also spoke about how managing his anger became crucial as it threaten to consume his career. He detailed that although he did not seek clinical therapy, he tried other forms, yielding similar results.

“Anger hurts you more than it hurts what you are angry at. So you manage that… If you are an angry person, the results would tell you that you need to tone down a little bit. Try and compromise. That’s part of growing up, too,” he concluded.

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