There is power in connecting Blacks from America to Africa – Vic Mensa

There is power in connecting Blacks from America to Africa - Vic Mensa
Vic Mensa

American rapper, singer and activist, Victor Kwesi Mensah, known as Vic Mensa, has placed faith in the power in connecting the black from America to the black in Africa.

During an exclusive interview with Giovani Caleb on 3fm, Vic Mensa mentioned that the collaboration between black Americans and Black Africans is expanding.

“I think that the power is in connecting black people in America and black people in Africa because, you know, the collaboration between the two has been expansionary-unlimited possibilities.”

According to him, he has it in mind to combine these two worlds for huge collaboration.

“Africa is the only growing population on the planet. And the Black American’s influence on the planet is the largest export. The largest currency is the American culture, the music, fashion, style. So combining these two worlds is what my mind is on right now.”

He added that he is working on organizing a concert, where some artists in America would perform right here in Africa.

“I have actually been putting together plans for some time like a concert to address the fact that when you are an American artist, as soon as you get one next step as popular to Europe, Germany, England, Paris and small cities people have heard of, you know what I mean you are all over the world.

“But there are no opportunities to perform in Africa, to the people that are of your people you know what I mean so am working with some people on putting together for bringing artists in America giving them the opportunity to perform in Africa without having to be a megastar you know making it a right package you know having a mixture of American and African.”

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By Gladys Cudjoe||Ghana