The man Nana Mitch, a lens creator

General Information

  • Padmond Annor popularly known as Nana Mitch. A lens creator and an editor.
  • Started creating Lenses from the 3th of June 2019 and now has about 40 Snapchat filters with over 100 Million views. He’s been making this for two years now.
  • He’s the first Ghanaian to do this.
  • Started with AHUOFE which landed him 6million views with about 8k subscribers.
  • His recent lenses TOUCH and BEAUTY FILTER in less than a month got 10.8M & 3M views respectively which shot his subscribers on Snapchat to over 35,000.
  • He has made lenses for a lot of Ghanaian and Nigerian Celebrities / Politicians. Since Snapchat is Used Nationwide, and there is a need for diversity and representation, he started making lenses for events and celebrations that represent most businesses and celebrations in Ghana for people in the world to equally join in on our tremendous culture.

*Made Snapchat filter for a Nigerian Beauty Guru Diiadem (Beauty By AD) and Lifestyle Influencers like BerbieDoll, Adetutu and Ella Couture

*Made filter for one of Nigerians biggest hair guru Rhik’s Place and Nigerians Best skin gourmet company 1303 Organic Therapy and also to one of the biggest exhibitions in Nigeria Wodibeuah Exhibitions.

*Made Filters for weddings like #Yinyang21, #JustDave, Seal2021, TheJays21, AZlovestory21 and DOXA21. These filters have millions of views and the most viewed from this category is #Yinyang with over 9million views and #JustDave with over 6million Views.

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