The entitlement of Celebs towards bloggers is ridiculous – Sammy Flex

Nigerians always beat us with investment - Sammy Flex
Sammy Flex

Sammy Flex shared his opinion on the love-hate relationship between bloggers and celebs, especially musicians, on Simply Showbiz. According to him, these celebs behave lofty towards bloggers and still expect to be given preferential treatment.

He described instances where the ‘high and mighty have refused to help bloggers but expect these people to promote their work on their platforms.

“The entitlement from our celebrities is now becoming too much. You did not even post him for him to build his numbers. I know some of these bloggers when they lose their account, sometimes, they even beg these top guys. Oh, post for me, I’ve lost my account. So my followers would know my new account. These top guys won’t even post.

“You won’t do it. He will go through the hustle night and day, build the numbers again. And you think when you a gig, he should post it.”

Sammy Flex, a showbiz analyst, implored musicians to treat bloggers with as much respect as they treat other components of their music-making, distribution and promotion.

“The last time you wanted to record a song, you did not sit in your home for the producer to come to you. You saw the need to walk to the studio, negotiate with the producer, how much he will charge you and all that.

“But when it comes to a blogger, you think that he wakes up, data has been given to him by any of these networks for free. I think that you have to know what you want to do. What is your PR team looking to sell about you? If they know that, they will look at the people who they think his style of blogging meets your message. Go to him. Discuss with him,” Sammy Flex concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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