TECH FEST 1.0: MG Digital hosts Tech and Digital Convo

MG TECH FEST[/caption] The fluid nature of the digital space and the unending advancement in technology makes it incumbent for every individual in this age to abreast themselves with the nuances that underlie these novelties. Admittedly, there is an increasing demand for knowledge on technology and the digital space, especially with the popularisation of social media and the upsurge in crypto curencies trade. All these have come with prospects, threats and risks. Those with the most information and knowledge on the subject matter are able to make the most out of it and the ill-informed easily get wiped out. MG Digital, the digital arm of the Media General Group, has thus noted the emerging concerns and put together its first Technology and Digital seminar dubbed TECH FEST 1.0. Scheduled to come off Friday, June 29 at the TV3 Executive Theatre, the seminar will have the finest experts demystifying issues surrounding two topical key areas: Cyber security and Cryptocurrency. Cyber security expert and director of eScan Ghana, Dr Peter Tobin, will speak on Cyber security in the digital age, answering questions whether or not we are secure, we can be secure and how we can be secure. Cyber security has become a big deal. As social media gets more popular there are increasing concerns about security in the cyber space, with many users raising alarm about their safety. Many social media users recently became more alarmed with reports of Facebook allowing a third party, Cambridge Analytica, to have access to subscribers’ personal information which it allegedly  used to influence the American election. Prof. Nii Quaynor, Africa’s father of Internet, will speak on Crypto currencies, the good, the bad and the ugly. Crypto currencies are undeniably part of world economies and the patronage it is receiving around the globe keeps it above the radar. Though there have been concerns raised by the Central bank regarding the risk involved, the conversation at MG Digital’s Tech Fest 1.0 will explore the options of Ghana embracing “this new currency and accept it as another mode of payment”. Technology in this age is synonymous to life, as such, one cannot run away from conversations that border on technology and its appendages. In fact, people should be scouting and gleaning for such opportunities to better themselves. Be at the TV3 Executive Theatre Friday, June 29 at exactly 2:00 PM for this free eye-opening event and let’s demystify the world of tech around us.

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